Ships from The War of 1812

The goal of this section is to create an image gallery and database of all ships used in the War of 1812. 

This is an evolving page, your contributions are welcome!

United States
Name Class Date Built Location Built
Adams Sloop O' War 1797 NYC
Adams (HMS Detroit) Brig 1812 Detroit
Ariel Schooner 1813 Presque Isle, PA.
Asp I (HMS Elizabeth) Schooner
Asp II Schooner 1813
Ballard Galley 1813 Vergennes, VT
Borer (aka Boxer) Galley 1814 Vergennes, VT
Buffalo Sloop O' War 1813 Philadelphia, PA
Bull Dog Felucca 1813 New Orleans, LA
Burrows Galley 1814 Vergennes, VT
Caledonia (HMS Caledonia) Brig 1810 Malden, ONT
Camel Sloop O' War 1813 Philadelphia, PA
Carolina Schooner 1812 Charleston, SC
Centipede Galley 1814 Vergennes, VT
Chippewa (HMS Chippewa) Schooner 1812
Comet Schooner 1810 Baltimore, MD
Boston Frigate 1798 Boston
Chesapeake Frigate
Congress Frigate 1794 Portsmouth, NH
Constellation Frigate 1794 Baltimore, MD
Conquest Schooner 1812 Oswego, NY
Constitution Frigate 1794 Boston, MA
Corporation Schooner 1814 Philadelphia, PA
Despatch Schooner
Eagle III Brig 1814 Vergennes, VT
Eagle II Sloop 1813 Vergennes, VT
Enterprise Schooner 1799 Baltimore, MD.
Epervier (HMS Epervier) Sloop O' War
Erie Sloop O' War 1813 Baltimore
Essex Frigate 1799 Salem, MA
Essex Junior (HMS Atlantic) Whaler/ Cruiser 1813
Etna I Brig 1806 Portland, ME
Etna II Brig 1813 New Orleans, LA
Fair American Schooner 1812 Oswego, NY
Ferret I Schooner 1812 Norfolk, VA
Ferret II Schooner 1812 Charleston, SC
Firefly Brig 1814 New York, NY
Frances Sloop O' War
Frolic Sloop O' War 1813 Charleston, MA
General Pike Brig 1813 Sacketts Harbor, NY
Georgiana (HMS Georgiana) Whaler/ Cruiser
Governor Tompkins Schooner 1812 Oswego, NY
Growler I Sloop 1812
Growler II Sloop 1812 Vergennes, VT
Greenwich Whaler/ Storeship
Guerriere Frigate 1814 Philadelphia, PA
Hornet Brig 1805 Baltimore, MD
Independence Ship-of-the-line 1814 Boston, MA
John Adams Frigate 1799 Charleston, SC
Julian Smith
Lawrence Brig
Nautilus Brig
New York Frigate 1800 East River, NY
Niagra Brig
Peacock Sloop O' War 1813 NYC
Ranger II Schooner
Ranger III Brig 1814
Rattlesnake Brig 1813
Revenge Schooner 1812 Baltimore, MD
Saratoga Sloop O' War 1814 Vergennes, VT
Scorpion Schooner 1813 Presque Isle, PA.
Tigress (Amelia) Schooner 1813 Erie, PA
United States Frigate 1794 Philadelphia, PA
Viper I (Ferret) Brigatine 1806 Norfolk, VA
Vixen I Schooner 1803 Baltimore, MD
Vixen II Brigatine 1813 Savannah, GA
Washington Ship-of-the-line 1814 Portsmouth, NH
Wasp II  Sloop O' War 1806 Washington, DC
Wasp III Schooner 1810 Baltimore, MD
Wasp IV Sloop
Wasp V Sloop O' War 1813 Newburyport, MA


Great Britain
Name Class Date Built Location Built
Chub (USS Growler) Sloop 1812
Confiance 1814 Isle Aux Noix
(US Scorpion)
Dart Privateer
Detroit (USS Adams) Brig
Finch (Eagle) Sloop 1813 Vergennes, VT
Florida (USS Frolic)
Lady Prevost Schooner
Nancy Schooner 1789 Detroit
Peacock (USS Wasp II)
Suprise (US Tigress)